VI Peace

VIPeace is a writer, a creator of worlds and an accomplished horsewoman. Born and raised in Ontario, she now lives in Calgary, Alberta. A member of the Alberta Romance Writers (ARWA) and Romance Writers of America RWA-Kiss of Death Chapter, she interacts in person and on line with other writers and finds support and education for her writing endeavours. She gives back to the writing community by judging writing contests and working with other writers, including edits that assisted a fellow writer to final in the Golden Heart. She has also served on the board of ARWA including two full terms as president.

Currently V enjoys the challenge of creating a fantasy world for her characters who have their own ideas to preserve the Earth’s ecosystem. Her writing history includes romance, poetry and non-fiction articles for publications including ARWA’s newsletter Connections, and magazine Treasures Along the Fenceline.

In addition to her writing and full time cat servent for Hastings, V finds time for her horse Kadence (former racehorse turned champion hunter, winning jumper and playful eventer).  V now trains with Kadence and enjoys jumping him for recreation. She also spends time in the racing world with friends of hers and her husband and partner who bred and raced Thoroughbreds.

V Syping - Oct 2013c

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